I. Skin Tightening, Stretch Mark Reduction, Acne Scar & Injury Scar Removal

All three of these cosmetic skin concerns require a similar method for treatment.  The tightness of skin is dependent on the supporting material underneath known as collagen, as well as the superficial skin on the surface, known as the epidermis.  Our skin naturally changes throughout our life due to aging, where the skin loses collagen support and the epidermis begins to wrinkle.  Skin changes can also happen as a result of medical conditions such as acne or pregnancy, or as a result of a physical injury.  Each of these events change the relationship between the collagen support and the epidermis.  The best treatments to restore the skin to its original shape and tone, address both the collagen support and the epidermal changes.  These treatments ensure a long-lasting effect and a more youthful appearance.  Mahinakealo Dermatology offers the following cutting-edge treatments to help our patients restore their skin to best possible shape and condition.  Please click on each for a description and “Before & After” photos: