PRP for Hair Loss

PRP is currently being used by many dermatologists for non-FDA approved (“off-label”) restoration of hair growth, as well as other skin diseases and conditions.  Mahinakealo Dermatology is excited offer the use of Eclipse PRP® for hair restoration using a specialized collection tube to collect the blood and a custom centrifuge to isolate the platelets.  The system we are using is specifically designed to move the highest possible percentage of platelets into the plasma while removing the undesirable components of the whole blood which are not helpful for the regenerative process.

For hair loss treatments, in addition to PRP, we are offering a specially designed formula of vitamin supplements (Votesse™), a daily-use hair foam and a low-level laser light treatment (Theradome®) to enhance the PRP treatment. 


The vitamin ingredients have been clinically shown to support fuller, healthier-looking hair, and contain antioxidants, multi-vitamins and probiotics that address wellness from the inside out.  These specially designed vitamins were formulated by experts in dermatology who successfully treat hair and are available exclusively through medical professionals.  We offer a package containing the vitamins and a special hair foam to support healthier hair at the core. The fast-acting foam absorbs directly into the scalp to provide nourishing vitamins and powerful nutrients. This innovative, physician-formulated solution is for all hair types and textures and is shown to deliver essential hydration and nutrients to the hair cortex, improve the look and feel of hair, promote moisture retention and volume, and help nurture the hair and scalp. 


Finally, we are offering the option of the use of low-level laser light therapy (LLLLT) for enhancing Eclipse PRP® restoration of hair growth.  LLLLT using our device has been clinically and scientifically proven to regrow hair by providing precise delivery of 678nm of light energy to the target follicles and covers 582 cm2 total scalp.  In most patients, the use of LLLLT increases the diameter of the hair strands.  The device is used at home twice a week for 20 minutes for each treatment and has been carefully tested and refined to produce safe, reliable results.  We recommend using all three of these additional modalities to enhance the effect of the PRP treatment.

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