PRP to Speed Healing and Restore Skin Health

PRP treatment is an FDA-approved procedure involving the use of a high concentration of platelets in a small volume of plasma from a patient, typically at least 2-3X concentrated when compared to the patient’s whole blood.  A patient’s own PRP can then be used to treat various medical conditions, including muscle tears, ligament damage, meniscal deterioration, and arthritis.  Mahinakealo Dermatology uses Eclipse PRP® to help the healing process for other treatments, improving wrinkles, and tightening the skin.  A PRP treatment is a two-step process done in one visit.  A small amount of blood is drawn from the patient and spun to enrich for the portion of the peripheral blood that helps in the restoration process.  This fraction is known as platelet-rich plasma or PRP.  The PRP isolated can then be used to treat areas that had microneedling, a process referred to as a vampire facial.  The PRP is applied to the areas that were microneedled and helps remodel and restore that region of the skin, reducing the recovery time to less than 24 hours.  In some cases, the PRP can actual be microneedled into the skin to improve the efficiency of transfer and further promote healing or skin tightening.

All Eclipse PRP® products are FDA-Cleared Class II Medical Devices as required by the FDA for point of care autologous (back into the same patient) applications.